I Borghi

hotel sirolo delle Marche

Scopri il fascino della meravigliosa regione Marche ricca di storia, arte e cultura.

hotel sirolo Numana, the Turtle Town
Numana is a small town made up of “Numana alta”, high up on a hill, with its characteristic Roman archway overlooking the harbor, and “Costarella”, a long stretch of steps, bordered with red geraniums. The Antiquarium museum houses the evidence of the Piceno civilization. "Numana City of Turtles" is a project for the protection of the turtle from Numana and Cetacea Riccione Foundation.

hotel sirolo Recanati and Leopardi
Recanati is a small town brimming over with the memories of the great Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi, who sang “L'Infinito” (The Infinite) it invites you to visit the places he loved: “Palazzo Leopardi” (his house), the small square of the “Sabato del Villaggio” (Saturday in a village), where you can see Silvia's place, the Church of Santa Maria at Montemorello and the famous tower of the “Passero Solitario” (lonely sparrow).

hotel sirolo The Holy House of Loreto.
Loreto lies on a hill covered with olive-trees and sunflowers and is huddled around its immense “Basilica” . This is in fact the greatest Sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary all over Europe, where great artists like Signorelli, Bramante and Lorenzo Lotto have worked.A legend says that the Holy House of Nazareth was brought here on Angels' wings in order to save it from the invasion of Palestine by Muslims.. Inside this small abode there is the statue of the “Black Madonna”, which is said to be the protector aviators and is the object of profound veneration.

hotel sirolo Urbino, il Palazzo ducale e Castello di Gradara
Urbino, one of the most important centers of the Italian Renaissance and a Unesco World Heritage site since 1998, is a beautiful Marche village. Its historical center encases architectural buildings and the beautiful Palazzo Ducale, seat of the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche. v

hotel sirolo Ancona
Ancona, regional capital founded by the Dorians, is an important sailing port for the eastern Adriatic coast. Uphill along its old town of narrow alleys you arrive at one of the finest examples of Romanesque-Byzantine architecture in Italy: the Cathedral of San Ciriaco.

hotel sirolo Frasassi Caves and Genga The Caves of Frasassi are the product of hundred millions years of excavation by the river Sentino and the sulphureous waters which came up from the depths of the earth and dissolved the limestone rock, creating one of the most complex Karst-like landscapes in Europe. They extend over a length of about 30 km and through 8 geological strata . The visitors will feel overwhelmed by this eerie subterranean landscape populated by surreal stalagtites, stalagmites, alabaster pillars and small lakes.

hotel sirolo Ascoli Piceno and piazza del Popolo
The historic center of Ascoli Piceno, built almost entirely of travertine, still retains many bell towers, hence the nickname “ hundred towers”. The elegant Piazza del Popolo is surronded by buildings with porches and balconies, as well as the famous Cafè Meletti.

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