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Hotel Beatrice in Sirolo


Sirolo is an ancient “castello” (fortified town usually on top of a hill) overlooking the sea, surrounded by crenellated battlements and criss-crossed by cobbled alleys.

Graced by pleasant wind and sun, it offers views of hilly land and seascapes.

The hub of the small town is Piazzale Marino, where from a belvedere you can admire northwards the woody slopes of Mount Conero and southwards Civitanova Marche.

From the Gothic Archway which was once the entrance to town, you come across the Church of “the Rosario”, which dates back to the 18 th century and where chamber and classic music concerts are held in summer.

It is very pleasant to get lost in the maze of alleys and lanes dotted with craftsmen's shops and courtyards brimming with flowers, which stretch as far as the “Torrione” (tower), a portion of the fortification works. The theater “Cortesi”, a small architectural jewel built by the inhabitants of Sirolo around 1850 , is set in the framework of the battlements, with its white slabs of Mount Conero stone.

linea WONDERFUL BEACHES and the international award BLUE FLAG

The "Two Sisters" beach, (Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle), a landmark of the Conero Riviera, is named after two twin rocks just off the Mount Conero steep slope which plunes into the sea, they look like two guardian angels. The seawater there has greenish-turquoise hues and make this inlet a unique feature of the coastline.

The "San Michele" beach, (Spiaggia di San Michele) backed by limestone slopes covered here and there with bushes and scented by pine-trees, stretches wide and often windy, with its white roundish stones and rosy gravel.

The "Sassi Neri" beach  lies to the north and is a wilder and more peaceful place, wedged between the rock face and the sea, where shallow cliffs covered with mussels and sea-urchins stick out of the clear waters.

The "Urbani" beach, with its typical crescent-like shape, lies between a cave on the north side and a tall cliff to the south. You can reach it going down steep steps dug in the rock. Once there, you will see the caves which were dug into the rock face in early 20 th century by local fishermen in order to store their fishing boats and tackle inside.

Portonovo and Mazzavalle are on the north slope of Mount Conero. The first one, mimics the Provence landscape with its blue lavender fields and the wide bay dotted with tall rocks, is characterized by a treasure trove of art: the small church of Santa Maria, masterpiece in the Romanesque style mixed with byzantine features. Mezzavalle beach is stretch of pure white pebbles which can be reached through two different steep paths to the north of Portonovo.

"Del Frate" beach, a lovely beach between Sirolo and Numana, is recognizable by a big white rock that emerges from the sea, is perfect for the snorkel lovers.

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